Parent/Guardian Involvement

We firmly believe that a student's learning journey at St Thomas More College is enriched by a strong partnership between the student, College and parents/guardians.

Reporting Process

The academic year is comprised of two semesters each consisting of two terms. The College provides parents/guardians with an electronic copy of their student's report, either a Progress Report or Semester Report.

A Progress Report is distributed at the end of Term 1 and Term 3 for all year levels.

A Semester Report is distributed at the end of Semester 1 and Semester 2 for all year levels, except Year 12 students.  Year 12 students receive Progress Reports, Semester 1 Report and the Queensland Certificate of Education at the completion of secondary school.

Parent/Student/Teacher Interviews

Parents/guardians are welcome to meet with College staff at any time throughout the academic year to discuss their student's learning journey. The College holds Parent/Student/Teacher Interviews twice per year following the distribution of Progress Reports at the end of Term 1 and Term 3. The purpose of the Parent/Student/Teacher Interviews is to collaboratively identify learning strengths and learning challenges in order for the student's learning journey to remain on track.

 JET and SET Plan

Junior Education Transition (JET) Plans and Senior Education Transition (SET) Plans are both scheduled in Term 3 and are a meeting between students, parents/guardians and a Middle Leader staff member.

JET Plans take place in Year 7 and SET Plans take place in Year 10. Both JET Plans and SET Plans focus on transition, specifically transition from primary to secondary and transition from Middle School to Senior School respectively.

The JET Plans cover a range of topics relevant to Year 7 students including study demands, assessment, results and the social aspect of secondary school. The SET Plans focus on Year 10 student's senior subject selection and Overall Position (OP) and Vocational (VP) Pathways.

Most importantly, both Year 7 and Year 10 students, with the assistance of parents/guardians and the Middle Leader staff member, set academic and personal goals for the remainder of Year 7 and Senior School.

Student's JET and SET Plans are a living document that can be reviewed by the student at any time to check on their progress towards their goals.