​​​​The St Thomas More College Board is a Pastoral Board that provides planning and policy development support to our Principal, Leadership Team, staff and community at a strategic level. The College Board was established in 2004 and aims to:

  • Ensure Catholic Education is achieved within Parish/Diocesan Pastoral goals,

  • Pursue the goals of the locally developed Statement of Mission, and

  • Co-ordinate and affirm a shared decision making process.

 College Board members:
  1. Chris Lawrence – Board Chair
  2. Elaine Burns
  3. Kerry Edwards-Williams
  4. Damian Harman
  5. Phil Manitta
  6. James Robertson
  7. Allyson Stephens
  8. Phil Dickman
  9. Andrew Soter

School Representatives: 

  1. Les Conroy – Principal
  2. Karen Mulcahy ​ Deputy Principal
  3. Scott Booth – AP Administration
  4. Patrick Maguire – Business Manager