College Crest


​As Lord Chancellor of England, Thomas More was awarded a personal crest from King Henry VIII. St Thomas More College has adapted More's personal crest for our College crest, which was originally designed in 1998.

  • The cross is said to be the most honourable charge to be found in heraldry, and its bearing is the express badge of the Christian.

  • The unicorn is one of the most fabulous beasts of mythology. It is much used in heraldry, and signifies extreme courage.

  • The rooster is traditionally seen as a bird of great courage. Always prepared for battle, and frequently fighting "to the death". Being the herald of dawn, it is often used as an emblem of watchfulness, and may be used in armory to signify a person of notable achievement in the parliamentary senate.

  • The small chevrons or chevronels, which run through each of the quarters, were military stripes of merit.

  • The roundles (the three disks on two of the chevronels) when white, as in this case, are called plates, and denote generosity.

The St Thomas More College crest signifies courage, honour, generosity and achievement all supported by the cross of Christ.