Indigenous Program


Mission Statement

​Buwanha (Growth) Place looks to provide academic, pastoral and cultural support to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students of St Thomas More College and to ensure the best possible outcomes to close the gap. The program strives to empower students, staff and community in providing and utilising culturally suitable support both academically and pastorally. Support for students and families here at the College endeavours to create a culture of independence, hard work and success in order to gain long-term positive outcomes for our people and promotion of our culture. Similarly, staff are empowered to work with all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students to provide successful outcomes and culturally sensitive pastoral care. Buwanha Place and St Thomas More College works to create a more inclusive and socially aware community by acknowledging the First Nations people and look to prepare all students for the culturally diverse future in Australian society.  

We firmly believe that all support we offer is for long-term thriving, not short-term surviving.

Logo Description


Black – The proud colour of the First Nations people of Australia

Gold – Symbol of power and abundance as well as wealth (in this case, a wealth of knowledge and spirit)

White – Used in this form with roundles it symbolises Catholic ethos and charity



Circles – The circles in the centre of the logo represent both growth rings (like that of a tree) and a traditional symbol for a gathering of people

Boomerang – A symbol of intellect and strength in First Nations culture, it also represents the chevrons of military merit found on the College crest

Surrounding Dots – The dots remind us that we are all part of the story of growth and that we are all connected in this life and this story