This unique ensemble sees members wearing their drums, marching in step, performing choreography movements and stick tricks all while playing complex rhythms from memory. The Drumline performs in the Brisbane City ANZAC Day March each year.

Frettz Guitars

The Frettz Guitars ensemble is a contemporary guitar group using electric and semi-acoustic guitars comprising of 4 to 10 guitarists. The repertoire covers styles of music ranging from rock to blues and country.

Amore Guitars

This ensemble is comprised of 12 classical guitarists using nylon string guitars. The Amore Guitar ensemble plays traditional classical music and modern hits with a classical spin.

Saxophone Ensemble

The Saxophone Ensemble was a new ensemble in 2015 and plays Alto, Tenor and Baritone saxophones.

Woodwind Ensemble

The Woodwind Ensemble is in its third year at the College and in 2015 expanded to include a wider range of instruments.  The students involved play flute, alto flute, clarinet and bass clarinet.

Marching Band and Colorgard

The Marching Band is for all percussion, brass and woodwind students.  The Marching Band is frequently called on to perform at various College and community events, including Awards Night and Sunnybank RSL and Brisbane City ANZAC Day March.

Concert Band

The Concert band includes brass, wind and percussion instruments. The Concert Band is a supportive environment for young musicians to learn or further their ensemble skills and etiquette. Music is chosen from a wide range of styles and genres, including classical, jazz, contemporary pop and movie greats.

Big Band

 The ensemble performs a wide range of jazz repertoire, from swing through to Big Band.

String Ensemble

This ensemble is open to any student who plays a string instrument; violin, viola, cello or double bass.