Arts Support Group

Our Vision: create an Arts Program that will involve our staff, parent body, school community and local community to enhance the education of all students while identifying St Thomas More College as a School of Excellence in the Arts.

Our Aim:

The Arts Support Group Committee would work together to design, implement and manage a formal Arts Support Group Committee in consultation and co-operation with School Management, Staff, parents and local community members.

We realise that people come with a variety of skills. The aim of this group is to match the tasks with their skills and interests. 

For this group to succeed, the full and ongoing support of all staff and parents is paramount.

Our aim is to encourage staff and parents to participate by becoming involved in the Arts Support Group Committee contributing as a valued member of the school community.

Our aim is to enhance the educational experience of all students who attend St Thomas More College by establishing a supportive, effective and well-maintained Arts Support Group that in turn will promote a happier, more inclusive school community.

We envisage that a group of willing, enthusiastic, friendly and openly valued members will have a most positive effect on every aspect of our school and will continue to do so into the future.

Our Goals:

  1. Identify St Thomas More College as a School of Excellence in The Arts.
  2. Encourage people to join the Arts Support Group
  3. Maintain an Arts Support Group Program
  4. Create a succession plan
  5. Create a friendly social and physical environment for members of the Arts Support Group.


Foundation Members: Chris Noonan, Michael Beh, Patricia Burkhalter, Liz Burton, Paul Coppola, Pat Davies, Judy Drake Brockman, Matt Freckelton, Selina Kadell, Paula Moore, Amanda Smith and Sue Suchocki on behalf of St Thomas More College.