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 Extension Opportunities in the Arts

In 2014, STMC offers opportunities for students in the arts through co-curricular extension activities:
MORE Words
Our newest project begins later this year, with the introduction of our creative writing club, More Words.  This club allows students to harness and develop their interest in creative writing through activities and writing lessons.  Students with an interest in script wiring, play texts, poetry, short stories or song writing can join their like-minded peers and learn how to apply their creative ideas through a series of writing workshops.
MORE Drama
This year STMC will stage an exciting school musical:
This year’s 2014 Musical, Back to the 80s is an exciting co-curricular opportunity for students to get involved in the arts, through singing, dancing and acting. It is through these opportunities that students engage in arts education at its best; forming friendships and learning to work with their peers and teachers in a unique, safe and friendly environment, building their confidence and self-efficacy, learning new strategies to remember songs and dialogue as well as many other skills related to team work.
Penny Awards
We continue to present in 2014 our annual Penny Awards- excellence in co-curricular performance event.  This drama competition encourages students to showcase their talent by performing a monologue or duologue before a live audience and a panel of adjudicators.  These adjudicators involve industry artists and also link to ex-students who have pursued career pathways in the arts.  This is another co-curricular event that offers students the opportunity to learn and grow as well as to access constructive feedback and information from industry artists.