​​​​As a College with an extremely strong history of success in Arts Education, the future of St Thomas More College will see our current programs grow and be enhanced through our vibrant and exciting programs both in the classroom and through the Co-curricular Arts. Our existing programs in Drama, Theatre and Visual Art are being augmented by our emerging and diverse Music Program that has already been recognised nationally for our Programs of Excellence in Choral Music. The Arts Programs at St Thomas More College offers inclusive, creative and engaging opportunities for all students, delivering numerous pathways through Arts Education, curriculum and co-curricular activities.

At St Thomas More College, we believe that the study of Drama promotes confidence and creativity whilst teaching students empathy, diversity and important life lessons. In the safe and supported environment of the Drama Classroom, students learn and apply social skills of team building and problem solving, through both practical and theoretical workshops and learning experiences. Our partnerships with arts educators such as the Laboite Theatre Ambassador Program, allow students access to important arts programs, theatres, educators and practicing artists. Many of our past alumni, who work professionally in the Arts, attend and assist with arts events in support of the College. As we move towards a National Curriculum, the College is ensuring that we are keeping up to date with new syllabi through qualitative junior and senior work programs.

Our College Music Facilities include a classroom teaching space, an instrument storage room as well as three rehearsal rooms, allowing students to work collaboratively or independently on their music. The Music Space is part of the College Multi-Purpose Centre, which allows students to access professional quality sound and lighting technologies. The Multi-Purpose Centre provides classroom music students a performance space for curriculum based projects, such as live lunch time concerts. Our junior program aligns with the National Curriculum and leads to study of Music at Senior Level with the option of Extension Music in Year 12. Students have successfully used our Senior Music Course as a gateway into University and Tertiary level studies such as the Bachelor of Popular Music at the Griffith Conservatorium.
Visual Art
With the introduction of our brand new Practical Arts building in 2010, students have access to new and relevant technologies.  Our Mac Lab provides students access to programs such as Adobe, Photoshop and iMovie. These technologies allow students to develop their artwork through the use of IT, an integral component of the Visual Art Syllabus. Visual Art offers students the opportunity to express themselves creatively, through practical and theoretical learning experiences. Students engage with different media and use their creativity, imagination and senses to express ideas across a range of social, cultural, and spiritual contexts, to enhance their aesthetic understanding of the world.
Media Studies was introduced to the College in 2012. The course allows students to understand how reality is constructed, produced, circulated and understood. Students learn to have an appreciation of what they see in the media by developing skills related to critical understanding, response and interpretations. Media also has a technological component, which enable students to apply digital technology to design, publish and promote their media in digital form. New digital technology is available for students to work both independently and collaboratively throughout the course. Students engage in a range of media experiences through practical activities that create, construct and produce media texts. These include the skills and processes surrounding the construction of various media texts such as film and television genres and styles, music video clips and broadcast advertising.
Co-Curricular Arts
We offer a wide range of co-curricular Arts experiences and events for students at St Thomas More College. The College is committed to producing a College Show or Musical biannually and takes pride in the quality of our performances.  In recent years, we have produced musicals such as Red Hot and Cole, Godspell and Grease.  These performances allow students a wonderful opportunity to work collaboratively with their teachers and peers, in a safe and creative environment.

Arts in the Park (originally a Brisbane City Council Initiative) has become a regular feature in our College Calendar.  This Arts Event, held at the College, promotes the work created within the Drama, Music and Visual Art departments, as well as our co-curricular initiatives; such as our Performance Music Program. Students, families and community members can come along and enjoy a day of workshops, concerts, performances and enjoy a hot sausage sizzle.
The Penny Awards, named after Brisbane Artist, Penny Everingham, are held annually at the College.  These Awards provide students who wish to extend themselves in the area of Drama, an opportunity to perform before a panel of adjudicators (professional Arts Industry workers). Students are provided with constructive feedback and enter into either a Junior or Senior division for the Annual Penny Award.
St Thomas More College is committed to teaching and performing Shakespeare and we apply this within our curricular and co-curricular performance repertoire every year.  In the past, we have presented brilliant and contemporary adaptations of some of Shakespeare’s best, including Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth, Hamlet, Othello, Richard III and The War of the Roses.