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Junnebei is the local Indigenous word meaning family group and is appropriate to describe the student house groups at St Thomas More College. Junnebeis consist of students from all year levels with a teacher taking on the role of Junnebei Leader, supported by appointed Year 12 Junnebei Captains. Students feel a greater sense of family, belonging and community in their Junnebeis.

Junnebeis compete against each other in our intra-school sporting competition which includes the Swimming Carnival, Cross Country Carnival and Track & Field Carnival; as well as the Battle of Junnebeis on St Thomas More Day.

Junnebei Mission Weeks provide students the opportunity to raise funds for each Junnebeis nominated charity or organisation. All students, led by their Junnebei Captains, actively promote and participate in the fundraising activities. Each Junnebeis namesake is remembered and celebrated in our Mission Week Masses; acknowledging the people whose lives have exemplified the gospel teachings of love, service, sacrifice and forgiveness.


Assisi.pngThe Assisi Junnebei is name for St Francis of Assisi.

The colour of the Assisi Junnebei is green and its symbol is The Vine.


MacKillop.pngThe MacKillop Junnebei is named for St Mary of the Cross MacKillop who became Australia's first saint in 2010.

The colour of the MacKillop Junnebei is purple and its symbol is The Josephite Cross.


Nagle.jpgThe Nagle Junnebei is name for the venerable Nano Nagle who pioneered a courageous ministry to the poor and downtrodden.

The colour of the Nagle Junnebei is gold and its symbol is The Lantern.


Romero.jpgThe Romero Junnebei is named for Servant of God, Archbishop Oscar Romero, who was a source of strength for the poor and oppressed of El Salvador.

The colour of the Romero Junnebei is red and its symbol is The Chalice.


Turton.pngThe Turton Junnebei is named for William Turton, a young Christian from the local area who lost his life at Gallipoli in World War I.

The colour of the Turton Junnebei is blue and its symbol is The Word.