Thomas More


Thomas More was born in London, England on February 7, 1478 and was the son of a successful lawyer. More studied at St Anthony's School before heading to Oxford University where he became proficient in both Latin and Greek. More returned to London to study law and was admitted to Lincoln's Inn. Although following in his father's footsteps, More was still uncertain of the direction he wanted his life to take. He contemplated becoming a priest but decided not to as he had a desire to have a family.  

In 1504 More first entered Parliament. He was elected speaker of the House of Commons in 1523 and appointed Lord Chancellor in 1529. During this time More cultivated the acquaintances of other scholars and learned men and was the author of literary works.

Not long after More's appointment to Lord Chancellor, King Henry VIII chose to part ways with Rome to annul his marriage from Catherine of Aragon. King Henry VIII ordered the clergy to acknowledge him as the 'supreme head' of the Church of England. Unable to accept this, More resigned from his position and refused to attend the coronation of Anne Boleyn as the Queen of England.

In 1534 More was commissioned to pledge his allegiance for the Act of Succession, stating that King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn were the legitimate heirs to the throne. More did not accept this or King Henry's annulment to Catherine. More declared that in religious matters the King's authority could not override his conscience. As a result, More was imprisoned and found guilty of treason. On July 6 1535 Thomas More was beheaded on Tower Hill. Before his execution Thomas More reputedly stated, "I die the King's loyal servant, but God's servant first."

In 1935 Thomas More was canonized as a saint by the Catholic Church and the St Thomas More Feast Day is celebrated on June 22.

This school was named St Thomas More College because its founders saw him as a role model for members of this community. Thomas More was a person who achieved highly in society but maintained his personal integrity; true to his family, his faith, and his God.