Academic Extension Program

Supporting our High Achievers through the Academic Extension Program

The Academic Extension Program offers high achieving students in Years 7 to 9, dedicated classes that seek to support them as they pursue greater depth and breadth in their key learning areas and aspire to excellence.

Academic Extension classes offer a faster pace of study in the acquisition of knowledge stage to enable students to focus on extending, refining and using knowledge meaningfully through the development of higher order thinking skills.

While all students require challenge, students in the Academic Extension Program work with like-minded peers and access extension activities that unpack the Australian Curriculum at a more sophisticated level.

Within the classroom context, students are encouraged in their creative and divergent thinking and take part in complex individual and collaborative problem solving.

Teachers of students in the Academic Extension Program meet regularly to share expertise, to feedback student progress, and to coordinate activities across the key learning areas. This ensures closer monitoring of student needs and allows teachers to discuss and plan for individual mentoring of students.

The Academic Extension Program acknowledges the need for differentiated curriculum and learning opportunities for high achieving students and provides a positive, challenging and supportive classroom environment in order to achieve this.

Future Minds Program

The Future Minds Program is a unique opportunity for selected students in Year 9 that is offered at the College. The Program centres around providing students with more specialised extension opportunities and enabling high achieving students the opportunity to build their interest and practical skills in two core areas; Humanities and STEM studies.

Future Minds highly values 21st Century Skills (e.g. creativity, critical thinking, collaborating and communication) and asks students to respond in unique ways to challenges of the future.

During 2019, students in the STEM Program investigated the structure and materials required to build a Sustainable House by completing various inquiry-based experiments. Students showcased their knowledge of Sustainable Housing Design by demonstrating the use of the STELR Sustainable Housing kits. In Semester 2, they developed their critical thinking skills by investigating the effectiveness and speed of different solar car designs. They also advanced their problem-solving skills in Robotics by using Sphero Balls.  ‚Äč

In the Humanities Program, students were set with a revolutionary task; to solve a contemporary issue related to the future of food. Students were able to take their own approach to this task by selecting an area of interest. The projects that they created were impressive and included producing edible plastics, dynamic dioramas and social media campaigns that encouraged consumer change. In Semester 2, they were offered the opportunity to write their own novels, short stories or texts in response to an exciting historical fiction narrative.