Learning Framework

​​Learning Framework - Reading Strategies 


The College implements the 'Super 6' Reading Strategies as a school wide approach to enhance students' reading comprehension.

The 'Super 6 Strategies assist student to construct and integrate meaning in what they read and to become strategic readers. These strategies are:

  • Connect: What do I already know?
  • Visualise: Make a movie in your mind!
  • Predict: What happens next?
  • Clarify: Stop and pay attention!
  • Question: Who, what, why, how?
  • Evaluate: What do I think about this?

The whole-school approach aims to improve students' reading through the explicit teaching of literal, inferential and interpretive comprehension strategies. Strategic reading is a life skill, enabling our students to become self-regulated, active readers with a variety of strategies to help them comprehend. ​