​2019 STMC subject and course offerings. The availability of these subjects and courses are based on demand and capacity of the College to provide the subject or course. 

​Overall Position (OP) Pathway Subjects ​Vocational Pathway (VP) Subjects
Accounting​ ​Building and Construction Skills
​Ancient History ​Dance in Practice
​Biology ​English Communication
​Business Management ICT (​Information Communication Technology)
​Media Arts in Practice
​Chinese ​Prevocational Mathematics
​Drama ​Religion and Ethics
​Economics ​Social and Community Studies
​English for ESL ​Visual Arts in Practice
​Geography Vocational Pathway (VP) Certificate Courses
​Graphics ​Certificate II in Active Volunteering
​Health Education ​Certificate II in Engineering Pathways 
​ITS (Information Technology Systems) ​Certificate II/III in Hospitality
​Mathematics A ​Certificate II in Foundation Skills for Work
​Mathematics B ​Certificate III in Business
​Mathematics C ​Certificate III in Christian Ministry and Theology
​Modern History ​Certificate III in Sport and Recreation
​Music ​Certificate III in Aviation (Visual Line of Sight)
​Physical Education ​TAFE​
​Physics ​Structured Work Placement
​Science 21
​Study of Religion
​Technology Studies
​Visual Art
​Career Education Short Course