Please note the following subject and course offerings are prospective. The availability of these subjects and courses are based on demand and capacity of the College to provide the subject or course.

​Overall Position (OP) Pathway Subjects ​Vocational Pathway (VP) Subjects
Accounting​ ​Building and Construction Skills
​Ancient History ​Dance in Practice
​Biology ​English Communication
​Business Management ICT (​Information Communication Technology)
​Chemistry ​Media Arts in Practice
​Chinese ​Prevocational Mathematics
​Drama ​Religion and Ethics
​Economics ​Social and Community Studies
​English for ESL ​Visual Arts in Practice
​Geography Vocational Pathway (VP) Certificate Courses
​Graphics ​Certificate II in Active Volunteering
​Health Education ​Certificate II in Electrotechnology
​ITS (Information Technology Systems) ​Certificate II in Hospitality
​Mathematics A ​Certificate II in Sampling and Measurement
​Mathematics B ​Certificate III in Business
​Mathematics C ​Certificate III in Christian Ministry and Theology
​Modern History ​Certificate III in Sport and Recreation
​Music ​TAFE
​Physical Education ​Structured Work Placement
​Science 21
​Study of Religion
​Technology Studies
​Visual Art