Becoming M.O.R.E Awards Evening

On Tuesday ​30 July, 13 students, their mentors and staff enjoyed an evening of celebration and competition to mark the end of the Becoming M.O.R.E Program for 2019.

There were 3 finalists this year who presented during the formal part of the evening and were placed as follows:
1. Luka Manitta – Software Engineering
2. Tvisha Kamdar – Structural Engineering
3. Hayden Boyle – Secondary School Teaching

All other participants presented informally in the earlier part of the evening and included:
Alysha Gray – Radiology and Neuro-Imaging
Daniella Bonomo – Disability Support
Angela Crawford – Pediatrics
Oriel Hull – Law
Stephanie Morris – Engineering
Rej Arabiran – Medicine
Hayden Lamb – Law
Susan Edwards – Nursing
Mariya Joseph – Criminology
Isabella Pham – Chemical Engineering

All students showed professionalism and maturity in their conduct with mentors, and creativity throughout their projects. We acknowledge the generous contribution of their mentors throughout this Program, including judges Bernadette Alizart, Chris Lawrence and Johanna Shearer, as well as guest speaker Detective Senior Sergeant Richard Lacey. We now look forward to 2020, where we will welcome the current Year 10 cohort to apply for this prestigious and unique opportunity that gives students a unique insight into future careers.​