ANZAC Day Service

Tuesday 24th April, ​2018

​On Tuesday we had the pleasure of welcoming Sergeant Mathew Wann to present the ANZAC Reflection following our Turton Week Mass and ANZAC Day service. Sergeant Wann enlisted into the Australian Army in 2008. He has deployed several times to Afghanistan including being a member of the Special Operations Task Group. He based his inspirational address upon the “three fundamental pillars” underpinning the ANZAC Spirit- Mateship, Courage and Resolve. He went on to explain the meaning of each of these pillars. As he spoke it was easy to see how these values underpin what it means to be a part of our St Thomas More College community.

Sergeant Wann spoke of Mateship in terms of everyone working together to ‘look out for each other’. “All of us working together to not only achieve the mission but support each other no matter the cost.” He spoke of Courage as being important for us. It is crucial to not let fear of failure stop us from achieving. He stressed that “being a winner is just a loser who tried one more time”. Finally, he spoke of the pillar of Resolve- to remember that “it is never wrong to do the right thing and the standard you walk past is the standard you accept.”

As we celebrate ANZAC Day we do not celebrate war but, rather, honour the people who have given their lives in service for our freedom. We honour their mateship, courage and resolve and we pray that we will continue to enjoy the fruit of their sacrifices for us.