Public Speaking Awards

Public Speaking Winners of the John Hurley Shield 2 2016 196.JPG

Thursday 2nd June

The College held our annual Public Speaking Awards on Monday 30th May and, once again, the Awards received significant support from many students across Years 7 to 12.

Students were given a choice of 20 statements to use as the topic of their speech, including:

  • 'A hundred years down the track',
  • 'Only the brave need apply',
  • 'Where art meets science', and
  • 'To laugh out loud'.

Staff members, community members and student alumni adjudicated the student's speeches and awarded the following winners for their respective year division: 

  • Georgia Bradley (Year 7);
  • Tegan Lawrence (Year 8);
  • Riya Prasad (Year 9);
  • Lisa Damons (Year 10);
  • Shane Cogan (Year 11), and
  • Dina Luate-Wani (Year 12).

Those students each received the John Hurley Shield for Public Speaking due to the engaging delivery of a creative and dynamic speech. The Public Speaking Awards is a co-curricular opportunity that gives students the ability to enhance and practice their creative writing and presentation skills outside of the classroom.