STMC Future Minds

Future Minds Showcase

During Week 3, a group of Year 9 students in the Future Minds Program presented their semester-long investigations to staff, parents and their peers. The Future Minds Program is new here at the College and is offered to select Year 9 students who are excelling academically or have a keen interest in one of two areas, Humanities or STEM studies. The students are offered a unique opportunity to engage in independent learning that is not constrained around traditional assessment or curriculum boundaries.

During Semester 1, students from the STEM Program investigated the structure and materials required to build a Sustainable House by completing various inquiry-based experiments.  Students showcased their knowledge of Sustainable Housing Design by demonstrating the use of the STELR Sustainable Housing kits. They are looking forward to Semester 2 where they will develop their critical thinking skills to investigate the effectiveness and speed of different solar car designs. They will also develop their problem-solving skills in Robotics by using Sphero Globes and continue their work with Miss Katherine Stephanos.

During Semester 1 in the Humanities Program, students were set with a revolutionary task; to solve a current world problem centering around the 'future of food.' Students were able to take their own angle on this task by selecting an area of interest. The projects that they created were impressive and included creating edible plastics, dynamic dioramas and social media campaigns that encouraged consumer change. This semester, they are being offered the opportunity to write their own novels, short stories or texts in response to the exciting historical fiction piece, The Book Thief by Markus Zusak.

At the end of this year, we will be looking for the next group of Future Minds students, so if you are currently in Year 8 consider the benefits of this Program to your learning, independence, creativity and your resume. The students received a badge to wear on their uniforms during our most recent Whole School Assembly, the design of which was created by Felicita Madani.