STMC Writing Superstars!

​​​At the start of 2018, our College set an ambitious goal to improve writing across years 7-10. The journey began when ‘We Write More’ was born and our teachers began to incorporate a variety of 10 minute of writing exercises into their lesson 1 classes.

Throughout 2018, samples of student work have been collected and collaboratively marked against eight criteria- purpose, audience, text structure, subject matter, sentence structure, vocabulary and spelling. Each sample is given a total score out of 24 and our students’ progress has been monitored closely.

Each round of marking has provided important data to plan the best way to reach our writing SMART goal. A major focus has been teaching students to incorporate a variety of sentence types and paragraph structures to make their writing more sophisticated and interesting.


Our final round of marking has revealed outstanding progress for our students. We are so proud of their growth mindset and perseverance throughout 2018. Congratulations everyone!​

Chart 1..png
Chart 2..png

Stacey Readman | Assistant Principal – Middle Years