​​​​​​​​​​​College Leadership Team

Mr Les Conroy

College Principal

Miss Karen Mulcahy 

Deputy Principal 

Mr John Thomas

Assistant Principal - Religious Education

Mrs Stacey Readman 

Assistant Principal - Middle Years

Mr Nathan Camilleri

Assistant Principal - Senior Years

Mr Scott Booth

Assistant Principal - Administration and Systems 

Mrs Julie Redmond 

Business Manager

College Board 

​​​The St Thomas More College Board is a Pastoral Board that provides planning and policy development support to our Principal, Leadership Team, staff and community at a strategic level. The College Board was established in 2004 and aims to:

  • ensure Catholic Education is achieved within Parish/Diocesan Pastoral goals

  • pursue the goals of the locally developed Statement of Mission

  • co-ordinate and affirm a shared decision-making process

 College Board members:

  • ​​Damian Harman (Board Chair) ​

  • Craig Setter

  • Andrew Soter

  • Leisl Damons

  • Chris Lawrence

  • Kerry Edwards-Williams

  • Phil Dickman

  • Phillip Manitta​​​

  • Emma Plant

School Representatives: 

  • Les Conroy – Principal

  • Karen Mulcahy –​ Deputy Principal

  • Scott Booth – AP Administration

College P&F


Fiona Dickman


Vanessa Renner

Assist Secretary

Louise Reeve


Craig Setter

Assist Treasurer

Alicia Broadbent

Executive Member

Lauren Harrison