Does St Thomas More College have a catchment area?

No, St Thomas More College does not have a catchment area. We accept Enrolment Applications from students in all suburbs/postcodes.

What are the Enrolment Fees?

The Enrolment Fees are non-refundable fees required on Application of Enrolment and Confirmation of Enrolment. 

  • Enrolment Application = $50.00
  • Confirmation of Enrolment = $450.00  

If an Offer of Enrolment results, the Enrolment Fees are not deducted from the school fees.

When should I submit an Enrolment Application?

The College accepts Enrolment Applications for students in Year 3 onwards. It is recommended to submit an Enrolment Application no later than Year 5.

What d‚Äčocuments are required with the Enrolment Application?

  • Application Form
  • Birth Certificate
    • If born outside of Australia, Visa/Australian Citizenship documentation
  • Baptismal Certificate, if applicable
  • Two most recent Academic Reports
  • All NAPLAN Tests completed to date
  • Learning support documentation, if applicable

What happens in the Enrolment Interview?

Parents/guardians and the student will meet with a member of the College Leadership Team: Principal, Deputy Principal or Assistant Principals. The Enrolment Interview will go for approximately 45 minutes.

Students will be asked about previous subjects studied, learning assistance, favourite pastimes, co-curricular involvement, and other major achievements. Students are encouraged to bring to the interview certificates, awards and relevant school work.

The Leadership Team member will briefly cover the College curriculum, student expectations and our ethos and mission; as well as answer any questions.

When will my student receive an Offer of Enrolment?

Following the interview, should an Offer of Enrolment result, the College will notify parents/guardians in writing within two weeks of the interview date.  

What happens after the Confirmation of Enrolment?

After the Confirmation of Enrolment, for entry into Year 7, the College will make contact with parents/guardians in Term 3 prior to the year of commencement. In Term 3, the College holds a Parent Information Evening which covers detailed curriculum information, uniform fittings days, the laptop programme and administration items. In Term 4 prior to the year of commencement, students are invited to an Orientation Day at the College with their peers.