What To Expect In Year 7

​We ​recognise that the Middle School Years is a formational phase of learning that consolidates and extends core knowledge and skills and cultivates students' enthusiasm and curiosity. Our dedicated approach to teaching and learning encourages emerging independence so our students can reach their potential as individuals and as contributing community members.

Teaching and learning in the Middle Years at St Thomas More College is driven by our belief that relationships are at the centre of learning. During these important adolescent years, authentic learning takes place within the context of strong connections with teachers who foster a sense of belonging and provide opportunities for peer interaction for learning and growth.

The College's partnership with parents is highly privileged in our Middle School approach. Pastoral Care Teachers will take ownership of the academic and social development of their students and will provide a strong conduit between school and home. Our Junior Education Transition (JET) Plans take place early in Term 2 of Year 7. This is an opportunity to review each student's transition to secondary school and plan for progress during their journey through the middle phase of learning.

Across Years 7, 8 and 9 students are allocated to a Core class for the mandatory subjects that satisfy the Australian Curriculum and Brisbane Archdiocesan Guidelines. Students remain with the same group of students for their Core classes and have a Core classroom where most of their learning experiences take place. Students will move to specialist areas for practical lessons and taster electives.

​​Students will cover 12 rotations across Year 7 and Year 8 (3 taster electives per term). In Year 9, students will choose to study semester long electives. Religious Education, English, Mathematics, History, geography, Science and Health and Physical Education. In Year 7, the Core Teacher of each group teaches the class across the three subject areas and takes the class during Pastoral Care each morning. The assignment of a Core Teacher across multiple subject areas ad Pastoral Care allows strong relationships to develop, not only between teacher and students but also between teachers and parents.