How to enrol?

​​​​​​​​​​1. Enrolment Applications are submitted via the Online Enrolment Application form: CLICK HERE to begin. 

2. Once your online application has been received you will receive an email requesting submission of the following:

  • Birth Certificate 

  • Baptismal Certificate (if applies)

  • Two most recent school reports

  • NAPLAN Testing Results (Year 3 & Year 5)

  • Any medical or learning reports 

  • If noted in your application: legal documentation, medical action plan, and student specialist assessments

  • ​You will also be requested to pay a $50 (non-refundable) application fee

3. Click below to pay the Application Fee: 

​​click here to pay 2023 Application Fee

click here to pay 2024 Application Fee

click here to pay 2025 Application Fee

4. Invited to an Interview

​Based on the information supplied in the Enrolment Application, parents/guardians and students may be invited to attend an interview. 

The interviews are conducted with a member of the College Leadership Team: Principal, Deputy Principal or Assistant Principals, and take place throughout the academic year.

The current enrolment timeline and interview schedule is outlined below.

*Please note, due to the COVID-19 pandemic there may be some delays to the interview schedule. 
Year to CommenceEnrolment ApplicationsEnrolment Interview Timeline

Year 7 2021

Current Year 6

Waiting List. Completed.

Year 7 2022

Current Year 5

Applications close 4 Dec 2020.Limited places.

Year 7 2023

Current Year 4

Accepting applications.Commencing Enrolment Interviews, Semester 2, 2020.

Year 7 2024

Current Year 3

Accepting applications. Commencing Enrolment Interviews, Semester 1, 2021.
Years 8, 10, 11 & 12 2021*Limited places may be available. *Please contact the College for further information.​

Following the interview, should an Offer of Enrolment result, the College will notify parents/guardians in writing.​​​​

5. ​Offer of Enrolment

Offers of Enrolment are made by the Principal, taking into account the needs of each student and operating in accordance with the St Thomas More College Enrolment Policy. Enrolment Policy

6. ​Confirmation of Enrolment

Confirmation of Enrolment forms will be forwarded to parents/guardians with the Offer of Enrolment.

A non-refundable Confirmation Fee of $450.00 is required on submission of the Confirmation of Enrolment forms.

The Confirmation of Enrolment forms and Confirmation Fee are due by the date stated in the Offer of Enrolment letter.

Families new to STMC

click here to pay 2021 Confirmation Fee

click here to pay 2022 Confirmation Fee

click here to pay 2023 Confirmation Fee

click here to pay 2024 Confirmation Fee

click here to pay 2025 Confirmation Fee

Families already at STMC

click here to pay 2021 Confirmation Fee (STMC Families)

click here to pay 2022 Confirmation Fee (STMC Families)

click here to pay 2023 Confirmation Fee (STMC Families) 

*Submission of an application does not guarantee an enrolment place. 

*Please contact the office if you have an enrolment enquiry for 2020 and 2021. 


STMC 2021 Tuition Fees.pdf

STMC 2021 Fee Ready Reckoner.pdf

Direct Debit Payment Authority.pdf

Recurrent Credit Card Payment Authority.pdf

Students exiting after the commencement of a term:

No refund will be offered on the full term's charges should a student exit the College after the commencement of a term.  A full term's charges will also apply to an exited student where official notification in writing occurs after the commencement of the next school term.  A minimum of four (4) weeks' notice of intention to leave the College is required prior to the last day of attendance.​​

​2021 Yr7, STMC Students, Booklist Order Form

(7) 'School Stuff' Booklist Order Form.pdf