Middle Years

​​​Middle School 

The College has fully implemented the Australian Curriculum in subject offerings across Years 7 – 10, underpinned by the College’s Middle School Philosophy. All students at St Thomas More will study the same mandatory subjects in Years 7 - 10. These include: Religious Education, English, Mathematics, Science, History / Geography and Health and Physical Education. 

While it is necessary to have a general framework for curriculum in place, it is also essential to respond to the contextual needs of students. Year 7 and 8 students are allocated to specific groups for their mandatory subjects. Seven subject groupings exist across Years 7 – 10 for these mandatory subjects – one Foundation class, five Parallel classes and one Academic Extension class. All classes will study the same units of work and will access the same assessment. The way in which teacher deliver and students respond to assigned work and assessment tasks will demonstrate a student’s individual knowledge and skills. 

Electi​ve subjects are treated differently in that there is no requirement for students to study all options. In Year 7 and 8, all students will ‘taste’ all elective subjects. The Middle Years provide the opportunity for students to explore these options in varying degrees of depth as they progress through Year 9 and 10. Choices and results in the Middle School are a clear indicator of where a student will be successful in senior studies.  Students should make subject selection choices based on their areas of interest and in preparation for future studies.  With such a diversity of subjects offered at St Thomas More College, students are encouraged to study a range and balance of subjects across the Key Learning Areas.