Learning Framework - Dimensions of Learning


Dimensions of Learning is the theoretical framework used at St Thomas More College to understand and improve student's learning process. Teaching staff use Dimensions of Learning as a curriculum planning guide to embed effective instructional strategies into the curriculum.

This theoretical framework recognises that there are five central aspects to learning, represented by:

  • Dimension 1: Positive Attitudes and Perceptions
  • Dimension 2: Acquiring and Integrating Knowledge
  • Dimension 3: Extending and Refining Knowledge
  • Dimension 4: Using Knowledge Meaningfully
  • Dimension 5: Productive Habits of Mind

While these dimensions represent separate parts of the total learning process, they work together to assist in successful learning. When positive attitudes and perceptions are in place and productive habits of mind are being used, students can more effectively do the thinking required in the other three dimensions, that is, acquiring and integrating knowledge, extending and refining knowledge, and using knowledge meaningfully.

This theoretical framework places an emphasis on student's higher order thinking skills by applying complex reasons processes in the curriculum. Student's higher order thinking skills extend the learning experience and prepare students for academic success at the College and beyond.

Our teaching staff are supported in this process through ongoing Dimensions of Learning Professional Development, which focuses on refining our teaching and improving the learning environment for all students and provides a common curriculum vocabulary throughout the College.