​​​As a faith community, St Thomas More College places an emphasis on the spiritual and religious development of students; recognising that human existence finds its meaning and purpose from a relationship with God. The spiritual and religious development of students is divided into two distinct parts:

  • Religious Education in the Classroom, and

  • Sense of the Sacred and the Religious Life of the College.

The Religious Life of the College is based on an overarching belief in God. The Archdiocesan Guidelines to the Religious Life of the School is made up of four parts:

  • Religious Identity and Culture is articulated through all areas of learning, not just the Religious Education Programme. It is reflected in Gospel values; the spiritual gifts and the aesthetic, social, and physical environment which are all-powerful means by which the College community creates, values, and reflects a sense of the sacred.

  • Prayer and Worship is an integral part of the College community. It is the way that we begin each day, the liturgies and masses to commemorate the liturgical life of the Church and important events within the College; the connection with the local parishes and the ritualising of daily events through the use of words and symbols. 

  • Evangelisation and Faith Formation are articulated when we invite the students to live out the Gospel through their words and actions. Faith formation is sensitive to the spiritual growth of each member of the community. It encourages them to come with an open mind and to take what they have learnt into the wider community.

  • Social Action inspires the community to live out the motto of God's Servant First. We do this through Catholic Social Teaching - respect for the human person; the preferential option for the poor; stewardship for the environment and the promotion of peace to name just a few. Staff and students are encouraged to take part in the raising of funds to assist Caritas, St Vincent de Paul, and Catholic Mission in their endeavours within the local and global community.

The College recognises that students joining our community come from a range of faith backgrounds. Our Religious Education and Liturgical Program acknowledges this diversity of experiences so that all students can be active members of our faith community.



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