Food Technology Students Schooled in Ancient Indigenous Foods and Flavours

​​​Year 10 students enjoyed an Indigenous Bush Tucker cooking experience as they studied a unit about cuisines from around the world. The incursion experience meant that students didn't have to go far to learn about Indigenous Australian fare.

The college welcomed My Dilly Bag Founder, Aunty Dale, a celebrated award-winning chef, cookbook author, public speaker, television personality, and lecturer. 

The My Dilly Bag website shares that Aunty Dale takes her students on a 'culinary adventure through the ancient ways of Aboriginal Australia' in her mission to build awareness of the oldest living culture in the world, and 'educate the national and international community and together take positive steps towards reconciliation.'

Aunty Dale spent time showing the students a range of Indigenous ingredients and how they are used in cooking and preparing food. This session was followed by some eager taste testing. 

Year 10 Food Technology Teacher Ms Ella Dagan said the class was held 'al fresco' with the session aimed at introducing students to Indigenous foods and flavours.

“Aunty Dale's goal for the students was to introduce them to some Indigenous unique foods and tastes of bush tucker."

“Kangaroo Nachos' was cooked for our students to enjoy - which was a hit!" Ms Dagan said.

Further, the students enjoyed refreshing drinks made from flavoured syrups such as Davidson Plum, Ribery Syrup and Lemon Myrtle & Lime mixed with soda water.

The Indigenous Bush food spices, products and syrups the students enjoyed can be purchased at

My Dilly Bag works sustainably with Aboriginal communities that grow and harvest bush tucker ingredients, and Aboriginal artisan creators.

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